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Pyrography (also known as pokerwork or wood burning) is an ancient technique of engraving on wood. Nowadays it is not easy to find craftsmen, but thankfully in Positano there is a master timber dedicated to this kind of art. He offers everyone the opportunity to learn the secrets of this particular decoration.
Through a 2/3 days course you will make with your hands exceptional woodcut, with the supervision of Master Ferdinando, who will support you on this journey of artistic knowledge and will teach you how to use tools to create drawings and nuances. The course is open to anyone (even not being good at making artworks, I made a beautiful decoration on wood) and the more practical can make personalized engravings.

Short Course: 2-3 hours
Basic Course: 2 days (4 hours)
Advanced Course: 3 days (6 hours)

Courses starts at 15:00 (3 pm) every day.

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