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Nocelle – Agerola – Nocelle Ring

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The lovers of long walks will be accompanied through one of the most unique locations on the Coast.
The trek starts from Nocelle ( Positano), from a staircase that leads to a steep path entirely surrounded by nature and interesting rural areas from which there are lovely views over the Mediterranean Sea. The trail leads to Agerola, where you can have a break, a refreshment in a bar in the square or a visit in one of the local dairies, buying typical products. The trekking continues towards Nocelle along the beautiful scenery of the Path of The Gods.

Start every morning, by reservation only, from Positano at 07:00 (7 am) or 09:00 (9 am) duration 7hrs (transport time from/to the site is excluded).
For different times/places or any further information don’t hesitate, contact us. Also for “early birds” (only saturday and sunday) special discounts.


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