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Zia Lucy offers tours for everybody that enable to appreciate and to know thoroughly the wonders of Campania. Through the views of competent local guides your vacation will become unique.
You can choose the path that is best suited to your needs: a pleasant half-day trek between the sea and the mountains like a couple-of-hours-mini-hike, admiring the particular local flora; a tour with driver to visit the archaeological ruins of Pompeii or a wonderful boat trip along the coast, or even an exciting and relaxing walk along the typical streets of Positano.
Thanks to the expertise of our local guides you will discover nature, culture, food and history through the eyes and words of those who unconditionally love his country. The guides are able to explain every gesture, every custom, every local ingredient because they are grown-up in this fascinating land.
For Zia Lucy is fundamental that guests would have fun and relax in quietness and as they were at home.

You will be “Always Welcome”.



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